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Please scroll down to find out about our additional services including contaminated building clearance & cleaning, grounds and buildings maintenance & repair, grounds and buildings proofing & preventive solutions, roof space clearance, clean & reinsulation, waste drain inspection & repair and licensed waste transfer.

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Control Pest UK are able to offer a wide range of maintenance and repair services for grounds and buildings.  These include, but are not limited to: ground clearance and/ or waste removal, perimeter proofing, concrete installation/ removal, patio supply and installation, building exterior ingress proofing/ securing/ repair, waste drain camera inspection/ reporting, waste drain chamber repair/ replacement, waste drain pipe correction/ repair/ replacement, waste drain surveying/ jetting, floor repair/ replacement.  ​We offer bespoke price quotations for all of these services; if your requirement is not listed here, please get in touch as we may be able to help.

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to find out how our grounds and property prevention and proofing services can benefit you.

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Some properties are particularly vulnerable to the ingress of pests, whether that be insects,  rodents or larger pests.  The reasons for this can be varied, ranging from premises where food is prepared, stored or sold, to buildings with old infrastructure (drains, eaves, etc.), or where the surrounding area, be that urban, suburban or rural, presents a particular challenge from the wildlife who make their habitat there.  Whatever the reason and whichever pest is accessing your buildings and/ or grounds, Control Pest UK’s technicians have the skills and experience to assess what is required and provide you with a tailor made solution - we don’t believe ‘off the shelf’ products can be truly effective across the wide range of premises we visit.  We take pride in determining and delivering exactly what is required for each individual situation, beginning with a consultation and plan of works, to provide you the client with a clear understanding of what we will be doing and why.  Our proofing and prevention services include, but are not limited to:  fencing construction & installation, drain replacement, reconstruction & securing, eaves barrier construction and installation, chimney pot cover construction and installation, roof repair and securing.

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to find out how our grounds and property prevention and proofing services can benefit you.



There are many reasons why a particular roof space may need professional clearance, cleaning and reinsulation.  These range from old insulation that has accumulated dust, viruses and bacteria from rodents, birds and other pests, to biohazard waste such as rodent droppings and urine, dead rodents, pigeon droppings (guano) and dead birds.  All of these contain pathogens and diseases that will remain in place until they are treated with biocide.  Our technicians will clear all these types of waste, conduct a thorough clean and sterilisation of the space and transport waste away from the site safely and in line with legal requirements before reinsulating the space in line with government guidelines.  As always, we will carry out a site inspection and provide you the client with a full plan of action and price quotation prior to commencing any work.

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to find out how our Roof Space Clearance, Clean and Reinsulation Services can benefit you.

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Control Pest UK’s waste drain camera surveys and remedial works are a comprehensive response to problems with waste pipes and drainage in both domestic and commercial properties.  Whether caused by poor installation or ingress by pests such as rats or mice, our camera surveys accurately pinpoint both the cause and extent of damage, enabling us to devise effective solutions.  Where problems are caused by rats, simply laying bait is not sufficient; all access points must be located and sealed off.  Our process of inspection, clear, decontaminate and secure is a proven method of eradicating problems once and for all.  From replacing drain bungs to removing and replacing entire waste drain systems, we are able to carry out works at all levels, to the extent that your premises require.

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to find out how our Waste Drain Services can benefit you.

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All types of waste collection, transfer and disposal is subject to strict government legislation and there are many legal requirements placed upon both private individuals and business proprietors when dealing with waste; not meeting these requirements can lead to severe legal penalties.  Control Pest UK are registered with the Environment Agency for upper tier waste transfer.  This means that not only we are licensed to collect, transport and dispose of waste created in the course of our own business activities (such as during roof clearance services), but we are also licensed to collect, transport and dispose of waste on behalf of third parties. Our upper tier status allows us to handle a broad range of waste, including animal waste and by-products, agricultural waste, construction/ demolition waste and much, much more.  By choosing Control Pest UK to manage your waste, you can be certain that you will be meeting all your legal obligations in this important area.

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to find out how our Licensed Waste Transfer Services can benefit you.

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