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A pest by definition is any creature in the wrong place at the wrong time. Birds including Seagulls (referring to all Gulls), Feral Pigeons and Starlings are a prime example of this, as the waste materials they produce when nesting or roosting can be overwhelming.  Many pest birds are recognised as health risks; feral pigeon waste is extremely dangerous and seagulls can become very protective leading to aggressive behaviour towards humans.  Other pest birds, including Canada Geese, Wood Pigeons, Crows, Rooks and Jackdaws are not considered health risks but can nevertheless cause severe nuisance and adversely affect business revenues. 

Falconry pest bird abatement is a non-lethal method of prevention and control.  Control Pest UK uses this method to good effect against a wide range of pest birds by preventing roosting and/ or nesting birds on new sites and clearing and moving them from sites where they are established.

Our falconry team covers a wide range of locations, both urban and rural.  We can fly early morning, daylight hours and/ or after hours to suit your business needs and we are happy to provide routine contract and individual job services alike. 

Following an initial site survey and consultation with site owners and staff, we provide a tailored programme of daily, weekly or block visits specific to the unique needs of each location.

We currently protect premises as diverse as schools and colleges, domestic accommodation (flats-high rise and domestic developments), farmland and other agricultural sites, golf courses, industrial warehousing of all sizes, business centres, docks and ports and landfill sites. 

Our hawks and falcons can be used for both internal and external spaces.  Our male Harris Hawks are deployed in internal spaces such as warehousing, car parks and shopping centres, our female Harris Hawks are deployed externally on industrial sites such as warehousing, car parks and farmland, and both male and female Falcons are deployed on larger external sites.

All our birds are fitted with GPS trackers, enabling us to record each flight and report upon the time, location, height, speed and distance covered. A screen shot of the GPS data for each flight, along with an action report is provided to clients after every visit.

Our birds are not 'accessories' and we take their welfare extremely seriously.  We will therefore decline to provide services to sites where our initial inspection determines the area to be unsafe for them. 

Call 0800 107 7351 or complete our Contact Form to discuss how our Falconry Services can benefit you.

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