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All prices are exclusive of VAT. 
We do not charge a callout fee for work that is completed at the time of our visit.

                                         Pest Control Services​ price list:

               Mice (minimum of 3 visits): Domestic premises £80.00 for 3 x                                                              visits/inspections/treatments. 

               Rats (minimum of 3 visits): Domestic premises £90.00 for 3 x                                                              visits/inspections/treatments. 

               Rats and Mice- Commercial premises £110.00 for 3 x                                                                          visits/inspections/treatments.​

                 Free commercial site survey and health check upon request

               Squirrels: Treatment for the removal of squirrels from £60.00 plus vat.                  Proofing/preventive works advised and quoted for upon request. 

               Wasp/Hornets/Bumblebees/ Honeybees) nests from £50.00 plus vat. 

               Bumblebee/Honeybee relocation service available.

                             Fleas (recommend 2 visits) from £90.00 per visit.

          Cockroaches (3 visits) from £160.00 for 3 x Visits/inspections/treatments.​

                         Stored product insects (3 x visits) from £80.00 plus vat. 

                    Woodlice, Silverfish and Carpet Beetle from £90.00 plus vat. ​

                                         ​Bird Mite from £90.00 per visit. 

             EFK- Electronic fly killing equipment- free site survey and equation                                                                 upon request.

               Bedbugs: Spray insecticide treatment from £90.00 per visit. 

                                  Spray & steam from £140.00 per visit. 

                                Heavy heat, spray & steam from £450.00


​                                          Mole control from £80.00 Plus vat. 

                                Please call to discuss treatment programme. 

       Falconry pest bird abatement complimentary site survey and bespoke                                                        quotation upon request​ 

                     ​Pigeon, Seagull and Starling control from £90.00 per visit. 

                          ​Rabbit-Fox and Deer control quotations upon request​.


Woodworm from £240.00 plus vat. Free site survey (required) upon request.​

All these services are provided further to a site survey and bespoke price                                                                       quotation​.

                           Grounds and Buildings maintenance and repair. ​

                     Grounds and Buildings proofing and preventive solutions. 

                               ​Roof space clearance, clean and reinstallation​.

                                       Waste drain inspection and repair.

                                                 ​Licensed waste transfer

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